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Meet Mindi


Mindi has owned and ran this shop for years. A legacy that was passed down by her mother is what you know as Beauty and the City LA. Mindi is passionate about fashion and she still to this day is at the store styling her clients everyday. Not only is she good at what she does, but she is a good human. 

Beauty and the City is an exclusive blend of sophistication, style, unique designs and value all in one. It is one of the very few boutiques in the heart of the LA fashion district that allows you to find the “compete” ensemble. Shoes, purses, clothes and accessories all under one roof. Our attentive, friendly, and experienced staff become your very own personal stylist and give you one on one consultation. This isn't just a shop it's like having your own personal stylist. Our staff will help you find the perfect look for that special occasion, whatever it may be…. a pool party.... a Grammy party… We will find you those sexy and elegant, quality garments all at an affordable price. Come and enjoy the beautiful fashion with up beat music, and impeccable service… its never the same place twice, we get new shipments EVERYDAY, so there will ALWAYS be something new to tantalize and excite the female fashion senses…looking forward to seeing you!

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